Religion !

The religions of today that cannot be questioned !

The Religion of Equality.  All humans are equal.  Ignore genetics.  Ignore science.  Ignore behavior.  Ignore culture.  All humans, all races, all cultures, all genders – are equal at everything.

The Religion of Democracy.  Democracy is the best form of government.  Ignore history.  Ignore demographics.  Ignore the tyranny of the majority and the masses.  Ignore the impact of propaganda and the mass media.  Ignore the insipidness of the political class (professional politicians).

The Religion of Christianity.  Jesus was simply a Jew trying to extend the Jewish covenant with God to non-Jews with a synthesis of eastern mysticism and pre-Christian western ethics (Greeks and Romans).  Marcus Aurelius or Seneca or Socrates (or Lao Tzu or Siddhartha) could easily have preached the same sermons as Jesus.

Race is a social construct.  Since there are no biological differences between the races (physical, mental, or spiritual), culture must be a social construct.  (See “The Religion of Equality”).  To ignore differences between races is to ignore differences between breed of dogs or any animal.  Woof woof.

Political or Social Opinions.  Opinions about anything are like butt-holes.  Everybody has one and nobody really cares about yours.  Discussing them is a futile exercise in vanity.  Good luck with that.  My political and social opinion can be summarized as follows:



The “movement” must be led by white women

This movement must be led by strong white women that reject the lies being sold to their white sisters. It is the right time in history for white women to lead the world – but white women that understand nature, human nature, history, and their unique genetic past, present, and future. The current regime (cultural marxism) is terrified of white women who love their race. Because they know the power of that love can destroy cultural marxism – and its unnatural/alien destruction of the white race and, ultimately, all races.

The Man

He looks me in the eye.  He looks every man in the eye.  His gaze prepared for any degree of compassion, or any degree of violence.  He has no preference for one over the other.  He has nothing to prove; and nothing to hide.  He seeks no approval; nor requires any.  He offers no approval; because such approval means nothing to the strong.

He is not fat, or sloppy.  He is physically strong – for any age he finds himself.

He is a free thinker.  He contemplates the taboos of the time.  He understands and conforms to the laws of nature.  He understands human nature at the deepest levels.  He understands his own true nature at the deepest levels.  He takes his lessons from his own experiences – and not from books or media propaganda.  He understands politics – and rejects it as watered down spiritualism for the unconscious masses.  He understands religions – and rejects them as alien (unnatural) or mass marketed perversions of the sacred unconsciousness of man.

He is proud.  He is proud of his fathers, and his mothers.  He is proud of his sisters, and his brothers.  Even if they reject him; even if they loath him; he loves them, and he loves himself.

He feels no shame – because his thoughts and actions demand none.

He seeks no money, no fame, no attention.  He is as content with a raw potato as he is with a lavish meal.  He is as content with a cold shower as he is with a perfumed warm bath.  He is as content with a cup of clean water as he is a crystal glass of champaign.  He is as content with a field cot in the forest as a well adorned sleeping chamber.  He is as content in a prison cell as he is on the battlefield, or the corn fields, or the office towers, or the open seas.

He rejects drugs and alcohol – despite his strong appetites.  And he derives strength from such rejection.

He rejects pornography and promiscuity – despite his strong appetites.  And he derives strength from such rejection.

He loves one woman.  Maybe his wife, maybe a woman he has never met, maybe a woman he will never meet, maybe just an idea of a strong woman – who can look him straight in the eye, and understand him.

Jew haters are a distraction…

Why hate a Jewish ethno-state (Israel)? How is hating a Jewish ethno-state going to improve ethnic-Europeans? Let the Jews and Arabs and Muslims (Arab and non-Arab) engage in their eternal struggle. The bigger (and more important) question is: what has Christianity done for ethnic-Europeans? Why should ethnic-Europeans give a damn about the middle-east? Unless, people (Zionists or anti-Zionists) were trying to make them unwitting pawns in some contest? Frankly, this whole Zionist and anti-Zionist dichotomy is a distraction to the demographic and spiritual fitness of ethnic-Europeans.

My nightstand

my nightstand,
Marcus Aurelius and Seneca lay scattered like bones, marked in pen like teeth marks,
and all the books of the banned, all of man’s bibles and sacred texts, under my bed,
like distant voices from some Tower of Babble, empty voices, corpses,
and knives, knives of all shapes and sizes,
scattered between the books, a shotgun in the corner,
like some ancient calling,
each morning, my weary soul to work,
the colors of the sunrise, rendering my nightstand into obscurity by eternity,
burning each book, each author, (and my mind turning, “Walt Whitman” I whisper)


The Identitarian Movement

For me, this movement is about love (love of self, including racial identity; love of God; love of mankind) – not hate. This movement is about truth (the problem with white people is not Jews or black people, it’s white people; the problem with black people is not white people, it’s black people). Why is segregation inherently wrong? Don’t all races and cultures naturally self-segregate? Are all races identical and “equal”? Or are some races on average better at math (Asians); or better at long distance running (Kenyans)? Why must all races be identical and equal in all respects? Does science / biology support this construct? blah blah blah. Ethnic-European people (6% of the world’s population and rapidly declining) will get the future that they deserve – one way or the other.

Read the “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce. That book addresses the question of action versus submission. But the “action” that’s needed is to find a strong woman, cherish her, have many children with her, home school those strong children, and stay away from our degenerate multicultural nightmare culture. Find like minded people and band together. Let the system burn itself to the ground with its insanity. The majority will get what it deserve. You cannot save them… white sheep; white lemmings; comfortable; fat; scared; impotent; weak; lazy… why should I fight for such SODs? I will wait and preserve knowledge and strength, and fill the vacuum when the system fails under its own madness.

The list of who and why !

Who is Jared Taylor ?

Who is Savitri Devi ?

Who is George Norman Rockwell ?

Who is William Luther Pierce ?

Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson ?

Who is Adolf Hilter ?

What sayeth “Mein Kampf” ?

What sayeth “The Turner Diaries” ?

What sayeth “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” ?

What sayeth “The Black Pigeon” ?

How many Jews really died in the Holocaust ?

Who really started World War 2 and why ?

How has the first self-described feminist nation, Sweden, really been doing ?

How is mass European migration from Africa and the Middle East working out for Europe ?

Why can every race and every culture be proud except white ethnic-Europeans ?

Why does the mass media lie about black on white crime in the USA and everywhere ?

Why are black people a problem in every society where they are found ?

Why are homogeneous societies like Japan and China and others so much safer and so much less degenerate ?

Why is there a heroin epidemic ?

Why are we so fat and lazy ?

Why are genetic differences between the races ignored or (incorrectly) described as only superficial skin pigmentation ?

Are race and intelligence related ?

Are race and imagination related ?

Are race and honor, civilization, and hard work related ?

Are race and culture related ?

Why is Africa still so backwards ?

Why did Africa not have the wheel or explore the seas or develop written language in early times ?

Why do black people and Jewish people hate white people so much ?

What has Christianity done to protect or acknowledge the white race ?

If all the white peoples are bred and genicided out of existence, what kind of humanity and world is left ?

Are you proud to be white ?  We’re your parents or grandparents ?  Why or why not ?

Is there anything wrong with being white or being proud of being white ?


Zero.  That’s roughly the number of African descended people who played Dungeons and Dragons or any of it’s facsimiles.  Most players are ethnic-Europeans and Jews.  Ever wonder why?  Could those races have unique genetic predispositions to imaginative play? And science fiction?  Dominated by white men… I wonder why?  I wonder if there is a racial genetic cause?  I wonder if this genetic cause resonates deep within the unconscious psyche?  Yes, yes, and yes.  You know it’s true.